Lansdowne Public School

This addition/renovation involved adding several new classrooms, specialized small teaching areas and an enhanced entranceway. The school remained open during spring-time construction, with no interruption to classes.

St. Patrick’s Secondary School

This project involved several complex renovations to the existing facility as well as constructing a new 50,000 sq. ft. addition. It involved construction and repurposing of an entire facility so that it could house a consolidated enrollment of approximately 1,500 staff and students.




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Northern Collegiate and Vocational School

This school addition involved a complete school renovation involving new finishes as well as a change-out of the boiler-fed heading system for the entire school. Also, four state of the art science laboratories, teacher preparation rooms and classrooms were added, as well as a new main entranceway, giving the school a modern facelift.



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Grand Bend Public School

The new one-story barrier-free addition consists of a new gymnasium, library and classrooms. It also functions as the community library and recreation centre. The existing school was entirely renovated and the project was completed while the school remained fully operational.